Daniella Celia
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changing the world one creation at a time

Dancer. Artist. Creator.


Daniella Celia is from Ocean City, MD and her family is a big inspiration in her life. She grew up with a close Sicilian family, surrounded by food, laughter, and love. Her father came to America when he was twelve and taught her to always work hard and remain humble. As she was a part of a family with the passion of food, she had her own passion that made her feel at home. At the age of three, she started taking dance classes and realized that she was given a gift. Daniella started training competitively in ballet, jazz, tap, and hiphop and studied with master choreographers around the United States. Her life consisted of training, rehearsals, shows, competitions, and master classes. Daniella fell in love with the fact that she could release all her feelings while she was dancing. She started to become obsessed with rhythm, music and how one step connected to another to make a fluid movement. Growing up, she knew she wanted to pursue a career in the arts and never wanted to stop dancing. Daniella danced her way through college, earning top awards, was an eight-semester dance company member, a part of a woman's organization, three-time student choreographer, and was a part of her art department shows. She also performed and choreographed numerous football and basketball games, volunteered for the community, and put her heart and soul not only in the seventy plus performances but everything she was a part of. After college, she was a part of the marketing department at her local gym. She loves everything about fitness from teaching fitness classes to boxing in the ring, she never misses a chance to work out. Daniella loves to share her gift and teach dancers of all ages. She has a true passion for giving back to her community and wants to inspire dancers to never give up on their dreams. Daniella is now living her dream as a NBA dancer and loves doing yoga with her one year old French bulldog, Rico.