"Dance allows you to find and express yourself just like creating two-dimensional artwork.  Moving to the rhythm is like painting with a paintbrush, energy flowing from the body to make a piece of art." Taking these two expressive worlds, which Daniella holds close to her heart, together and creating a story is what she lives for. The series of Daniella's recent work expresses the beauty that dancers work hard for and the passion they strive for.  "Sometimes the audience or viewer only sees the performance, the painting, or the final product but not the hard work or the dedication behind it."  As Daniella is still finding herself as an artist, each piece she creates is parallel to the themes of change that have happened to her, or what she has seen in the dance world. She plans to continue using her inspiration as a reflection in her work to see where it progresses. Daniella loves the idea of having power in her hand to create a piece of art that can show the viewer another part of the world that many people could get lost in.

Art resume


  • Bachelor of Arts - Salisbury University 2015
  • Deans List (2013, 2014, 2015)
  • Advanced painting, drawing, ceramics, digital photography, design and layout, and print making. 


  • "Aura" - 53rd Biannual Senior Art Show (2015)
  • Instillation Art Exhibit (2015)